Here are the full reviews or excerpts from some authors along with a private page to the biographies and web pages:

Michael Hart

Gary Kline's characters in Journey Toward the Dawn make me care what happens to them, not something many authors can achieve.

I kept reading because I wanted to know how things worked out for these people, not to mention that I could actually see the events described in this book.

All you have to do is read the first few pages, you are hooked.


Bruce Greeley

[Journey Toward the Dawn is] very impressive, especially the dialog and rich characterizations of main protagonists. Made me want to know more about these people.


Janice Lewis Clark

Journey Toward the Dawn has it all... . The action is non-stop; the characters all well-rounded and totally believable. You'll find yourself caught up in an exciting adventure ... through suspense-filled twists of fate... . A reading experience you won't soon forget.



Wow... just... wow...

I'm really impressed... can't believe it...

Excellent novel...

Now I can really say I did read some really good piece of modern american literature. Not any comparable to what I read at school... .

The story is great, tension seems to be constantly raising, so the reader (this is: me) is in a constant intention to continue reading to find out what happens next. The reader can feel along with the figures, and feel happy for Erik in the end... .

Magdeburg, Germany