Polytropon's un-edited thoughts about Journey Toward the Dawn:

Wow... just... wow...

I'm really impressed... can't believe it...

Excellent novel. MANY THANKS for sharing this experience.

Now I can really say I did read some REALLY GOOD piece of modern american literature. Not ANY comparable to what I read at school, or to the technical stuff I usually read.

Let me know if you can make use of my comments.

Again, keep in mind: Those originate from my limited understanding and come from reading the PDF document. 1 So not everything mentioned really IS an issue, but I hope it's at least worth looking at it, to make sure.

Found typos: ONE. :-)

The story is great, tension seems to be constantly raising, so the reader (this is: me) is in a constant intention to continue reading to find out what happens next. The reader can FEEL along with the figures, and feel happy for Erik in the end, allthough he might not understand - as he did.


Polytropon's Bio

 In the interests of full disclosure, two gentlemen, Polytropon and Roland Smith, shared their knowledge of /TeX/ and /LaTeX/ to help me get Journey Toward the Dawn cleanly formatted in PDF.