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Dawn and Erik strolling north on Timber Street

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One-nighters rarely blossom into true love, but with Erik and Dawn, both physically disabled by traumatic brain injuries, the rare becomes a broiling reality. Erik is a computer programmer while Dawn is a Sophomore at Wisconsin's renowned Amdahl College. The chaos of the unexpected haunts the lovers, dragging them into the improbable; eventually they suffer a bitter separation.

While distraught over losing Dawn, Erik uncovers the horrific truth of a dark family secret. After repercussions of the past cost Erik his job, he splits with his Chippewa buddy, Emmanuel, to bum around the US as they did years before, now as computer consultants. Their adventure succeeds in many ways but the unexpected hooks its claws in both men. Both are set on a collision course with Fate. Erik and Dawn are reunited, but other life and death consequences are beyond imagination.

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Review Summaries

Michael Hart

Gary Kline's characters in Journey Toward the Dawn make me care what happens to them, not something many authors can achieve.

I kept reading because I wanted to know how things worked out for these people, not to mention that I could actually see the events described in this book.

All you have to do is read the first few pages, you are hooked.


Michael Hart is the scholar who invented eBooks. He also is the founder of Project Gutenberg, the not-for-profit site that has distributed millions of electronic books.

Bruce Greeley

[Journey Toward the Dawn is] very impressive, especially the dialog and rich characterizations of main protagonists. Made me want to know more about these people.


Bruce Greeley is a writer and a Senior Reference Librarian, King County Public Library System

Janice Lewis Clark

Journey Toward the Dawn has it all... . The action is non-stop; the characters all well-rounded and totally believable. You'll find yourself caught up in an exciting adventure ... through suspense-filled twists of fate... . A reading experience you won't soon forget.


Janice Lewis Clark writes children's and young-adult literature.


Wow... just... wow...

I'm really impressed... can't believe it...

Excellent novel...

Now I can really say I did read some really good piece of modern american literature. Not any comparable to what I read at school... .

The story is great, tension seems to be constantly raising, so the reader (this is: me) is in a constant intention to continue reading to find out what happens next. The reader can feel along with the figures, and feel happy for Erik in the end... .


Polytropon is an IT specialist who lives in Magdeburg, GErmany.

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If you aren't sure or haven't been convinced, well, bookmark this page anyway. It won't cost you many bites. --I mean, bytes.
gary kline


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